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...that women in ancient Babylon Rules and pouring beer, which he drank to
would be burned.
... that the brewery in Babylon if they make a bad beer
drowned in his beer.
beer to dream means success, prosperity and happiness.
the popular saying "beer for my nerves" is true. Beer is a natural and soothing agent, and therefore the cure for stress.
Belgium is the only country in the world where you can find all kinds of beer with various tastes.
...that there are 19 different kinds of beer Guinnes.
... that the first can of beer made ​​the 1935th year.
... that the Vikings drank a lot of beer every day. Because it was going to go after higher amounts in the fight without shields, sometimes without clothes.
... that the strongest beer in the world, Triple Bock beer - Millennium with 21% and 24-26% alcohol Utopias.
... that there is a total of 29 kinds of beer, and that these 29 are divided into 49 sub-species.
... that the average German drank about 145 l of beer per year.
... that the average Belgian drink about 150 liters of beer per year.
... that the average Bavarijanac (province in Germany where Oktoberfest is held) drink about 190 l of beer per year.
... that in Germany there are 1250 breweries producing more than 5000 different brands of beer.

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