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Dobro došli

that the meat is softer and tastier as if it is baked with beer fountain, or if it is an hour before making Soak in beer.


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In the center of Belgrade, near the Republic Square, which opened in the pub for a short time has become a favorite place for beer lovers.


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From some of the best known brands of domestic beer are Jelen, Leo, and sometimes Montenegro Niksic beer that many still consider Belgrade's home.


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Facts about beer

The three most expensive beer in the world
Tutankhamen Brew - The recipe for this beer is made ​​according to the recipe, which was discovered by a team of archaeologists ...

Beer good for intelligence
Drinking alcohol in moderation makes people smarter, scientists have found ...

Beer and health
Beer contains B-vitamins (vitamin B affects the quality of the skin), then magnesium, potassium ...

Temperature beer
brewers Different recommend the optimum temperature at which they drink their beer ...

Old Belgrade and its sights

"Who wants to conquer the fortress, you first have to win your soul. Way through your own soul and takes us to Belgrade, one of the oldest and most commonly rušenih cities in the world. When Le Corbusier said in Belgrade that the ugliest city in the most beautiful place he had before him only the results of those multicentural demolition. Today, those who love and know the city, you do not know it based on what you saw in him or touch him. His biggest and perhaps the best part is the one that disappeared without a trace, so you will never see more, save or touch "

Milorad Pavic

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    "I used to frequently visit a brewery and what they lack is a greater choice and lower prices for beer. Therefore, my choice CIGLABAR pub. A good atmosphere. Excellent beer."

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    "The open another pub in Belgrade, CIGLABAR, and offer richer beer. Worth a visit this pub. I highly recommend."

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    "I like to drink beer on tap. So CIGLABAR visiting a pub."

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