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Different manufacturers recommend the optimal brewing temperature at
which to drink their beer. However, depending on the species, subspecies
and beer ingredients can be quite accurately determine the temperature at
which retain the best quality beer. For example, Pilsner served on many low
temperatures around 0 ° C, while most British beers, Porter and Stout at temperatures basement ("British Cellar Temperature"), from 5 ° C to 11 ° C, and some even up to 13 ° C. Temperature greatly affects the taste of beer.
The colder it is, the less the amount of carbon dioxide, thereby
less pronounced flavor and aroma of beer. Colder beer affects the taste and smell receptors . The temperatures at which they work are the main types of beer:
• Pilsners at 0 ° C,
• Lagers from 5 ° C to 9 ° C,
• Ejlovi from 7 ° C to 11 ° C,
• Stout from 8 ° C to 13 ° C,
• Old ejlovi at room temperature.

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